“Alternative Facts”

Yep. I’m going there. You’ve been warned.


Every election cycle, roughly half the voting public are pissed off and feel screwed, but this is something else ENTIRELY.

I don’t know exactly how we got to this point, but considering the US is now an international laughing stock because of our new POTUS…I mean fuck! Facts aren’t facts if you don’t believe them? Lies aren’t lies if you believe them, they’re “alternative facts”? Ask any college student how using “alternative facts” affects their degree progression…

We have a pompous, egomaniacal, bloviating, thin-skinned toddler in the highest office in the land who has IMMEDIATE access to our nuclear arsenal and NO checks to stop him from launching at anyone who pisses him off on Twitter. What the actual fuck.

Even his own party is trying (unsuccessfully) to roll back on what he tweets and says. He forces people on his staff to completely obliterate any personal credibility by making them speak publicly on his behalf, repeating lie after lie, and if they aren’t fervent enough while doing so, he then throws a private tantrum in the Oval Office. (Multiple staffers have already confirmed this behavior, RE: Sean Spicer)

We aren’t even a full week into the new Administration, and shit has already gone topsy fucking turvy, forget sideways. I could post links to credible news articles about everything that has happened so far, but then my blog would be just a sea of blue and then purple hyperlinks.

Threats to the press that they will be denied any access to the White House if they continue to report unfavorably on POTUS or his “crowd size” (he is sooooo obsessed with fucking size…), to the point of REPEATEDLY stating and posting that certain news organizations are “fake news” and “failing”. I’m sorry bucko, but the only fake news that exists in your press corps is fucking Breitbart.

Issuing blanket gag orders on scientists in the EPA and at the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the NIH, among others.

Obsessing over supposed mass voter fraud during his election, insisting against all evidence and rationality that between 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants voted in November. That’s right. He won the election because of the Electoral College, but because his ego is bruised and he is so butt-hurt over the popular vote not going his way, because no SANE person wanted him elected, he absolutely cannot let this go. He wants an investigation…which if there was any possible way of it not being completely biased and fabricated to please him, I’d be all for. SOMEONE needs to look into the Russia connection…and fucking soon!

WikiLeaks is even going after him now because of his blatant lies about promising to release his taxes. Now his people insist that “nobody cares to see them”. Uhm, go fuck yourselves, because yes, we do.

He claims there is no money for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, SNAP, the arts, the environment, and a whole slew of other things that are actually GOOD for this country, but he says there is more than enough money for a ridiculous border wall that Mexico absolutely will NOT pay for. Even better is that it will just be a massive waste of time because that is NOT going to stop crime from happening in this country. Nor will banning Muslims and Syrians from immigrating here. NEWSFLASH: not all non-white people are evil, and point of fact, LOTS of white people ARE!!! Look in the fucking mirror!!!

There are also credible reports now that he is still using his unsecured Android phone because he refuses to give it up, AND his staffers are using private email addresses and a private RNC server that has ALREADY been hacked…

…and let us not forget that he is signing Executive Orders faster than most people go through toilet paper…

…but where are all the conservatives in an uproar about this? All I see and hear are crickets. Guess it’s OK when it’s a rich white man who’s going to make you richer while destroying this country and the planet.

Conservatives, your racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia and general douchebaggery are showing nice and clear. By not standing up to this, by letting shit slide because you want to benefit from something he’s going to do, you’re sounding the death knell for your political ideology, and possibly this country and the world.

Shame. On. YOU.



~ by tatterednotes on January 25, 2017.

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