In Omnia Paratus – Or, How I Aced Public Speaking

I decided that I am going to post up some of my already graded assignments from classes that I have aced…

This is one from my Public Speaking course I took over the summer…enjoy!

“Good morning. I am here today to talk about one of my favorite expressions of physical art, tattoos.

How many of you have a tattoo, or have thought about getting one? How many of you have a friend or family member with a tattoo? How many of you simply admire the artwork on people who have tattoos?

Tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular and accepted form of artistic expression, with an estimated 45 million Americans having at least one tattoo (Pew). As you can see, I am a walking canvas, with many tattoos. Today I want to talk about just one of my most meaningful tattoos, which is the Latin phrase, “In Omnia Paratus”, across my chest.

Today I’m going to discuss the translation of “In Omnia Paratus”, and 3 reasons why I chose to get this specific tattoo.

Even though tattoos aren’t for everyone, I hope that you’ll come away with a better understanding of how meaningful this particular tattoo is for me, as well as knowing a new Latin phrase.

“In Omnia Paratus” is a Latin phrase which translates to “Ready for anything”, or “Prepared for all things”, depending on which scholar you ask.

I got this tattoo three years ago, after a period of personal upheaval. I chose to get this tattoo on my chest specifically so that when I look in the mirror, I am reminded that I am ready for anything and everything that comes my way.

This tattoo is also a nod to both one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls, and the strong military heritage of both of my parents and my extended family.

“In Omnia Paratus” is a well-known phrase to Gilmore Girls fans.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it follows the lives of a mother and daughter who are basically best friends, as they navigate school, love, and careers.

In Gilmore Girls, “In Omnia Paratus” serves as the motto for a fictional Yale secret society called “The Life and Death Brigade”.

Brigade members believe that life is meant for living and experiencing new things that might scare you, but it’s ok because you’re ready for anything.

This is most clearly exhibited in my favorite episode. The Season 5, Episode 7 is entitled, “You Jump, I Jump Jack!” (IMDB). Main character Rory Gilmore is taken to a secret LDB function by Logan Huntzberger, who convinces her to jump off of a scary looking six-story scaffold in a blue dress, scarf, and safety belt, all while holding an umbrella.

He does this by telling Rory, “People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived.” (IMDB)

The entire LDB looks up at the participants in the stunt, champagne flutes raised high, shouting “In Omnia Paratus!” in encouragement.

Rory grabs Logan by the hand and jumps, landing safely, much to everyone’s collective relief. She realizes in the process that she had been living a safe life, and that she should take more chances because she too, is “ready for anything”. This marks a major turning point in her character development, and always made me want to be more daring in my life as well.

“In Omnia Paratus” is also familiar to numerous military units, across all US branches and globally. This includes the highly decorated 18th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army.

The 18th Infantry Regiment uses “In Omnia Paratus” on their Distinctive Unit Insignia. The Distinctive Unit Insignia incorporates the authorized Coat of Arms for the Unit. These Distinctive Unit Insignia are typically worn on the shoulder loops of the Dress Uniform.

While not all units have one, the 18th also use “In Omnia Paratus” as their Regimental motto. (Wikipedia,

The 18th Infantry Regiment dates back to the Civil War, with continual battle service in every major conflict, through the present day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They have served with honor and distinction through many theaters around the globe, truly exemplifying the meaning of being “prepared for all things”.

My parents actually met in the Army, and family members on my father’s side have served in the 18th Infantry Regiment, so I am proud to wear this phrase on my chest in honor of their service.

Now that I have revealed myself as a Gilmore Girls fan, a military brat, and discussed the main reasons why I chose to get the Latin phrase “In Omnia Paratus” tattooed on my chest, I hope that you have a better understanding of why a tattoo can be a deeply personal artistic expression.

It is also interesting to think of all the differences that may exist between the 45 Million people in the United States that have at least one tattoo, and the reasons they may have behind each one.

Every tattoo is unique and interesting, and as you can see from my speech, may have multiple meanings for the person wearing it.

I hope you all enjoyed my speech today, thank you for listening, and remember to always be ready for anything!”

~ by tatterednotes on October 2, 2017.

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