Your Mouth Waters


I guess one might say I’m in a bit of a mood…but definitely in a good way.

I’ve been having better and better days and I owe it all to my attitude and the way I approach each day, each hour…each second.

I need and deserve some good shit in my life, and the only way I’m going to get it is by projecting out there that I am amazing, happy and good. And I am. None of it is an act. It’s me.

I am going to be 30 in 3 months. Yep. I don’t really feel like I’m 30 and I sure as shit don’t look like it either. I’m going to be a bad-ass 30 year old lady. I’m rocking my tatts, and I have a bleached blonde ‘hawk. And not some dinky faux, I mean legit, the barber straight-razored the fade ‘hawk. My intentions are to let it get long enough that if I feel brave enough to try, I can do a pomp…once I figure out the proper mechanics behind it.

I may have gained a little weight, but I know I can get it back off. I think I look pretty decent, even with the extra couple of pounds. I’m still pretty much wrinkle free, there isn’t a ton of grey creeping into my hair, and I feel comfortable in my own skin and in the clothes I choose to wear.

I have a huge heart and beautiful baby blues, plus a huge smile and a nice rack to boot! I’m kind of traditionally old-fashioned in that I believe in romance and monogamy, but I’m very open-minded and imaginative sensually and sexually.

Really, lately I’ve kind of felt a little bit like a rockstar. It’s like I just hit a moment and life started lighting up inside me again.

Now I just need someone to enjoy and appreciate that and me.

Ready? Set. GO!


~ by tatterednotes on August 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Your Mouth Waters”

  1. i guess i’m not the only one getting his spirits up! im happy for you and i hope all goes well for the both of us!

    • Well, you gotta be positive to get positive, right?

      Asides, dwelling on the shit that has happened before only brings back the stink…you know what I mean?

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