Hands Down

Have you ever just felt like no matter what you do, say, think, or even feel, you’re just going to wind up making a mess of things and creating yet another epic failure?

Totally having one of those days.

The worst part is I started to cry earlier, and then I just couldn’t. Like I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me.

Correction…I know I feel like all my old familiar demons are back to mess with me, and they’re winning.

Hands up if you’ve ever felt like no matter what, you’re just not good enough. Keep them up if you feel like that no matter what people tell you. Keep them up if it rips you apart inside because you’ve felt that way for as long as you can remember.

OK. Hands Down.

~ by tatterednotes on May 19, 2017.

One Response to “Hands Down”

  1. Sometimes happiness and contentment are stagnation. The struggle makes you beautiful. It makes you better. It sets a fire inside you. Tend to the fire. Keep trying and don’t forget to celebrate every small victory.

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